Installation overview

Install requirements

To get started with Django-admin-tools-stats you must have the following installed:

  • Django Framework >= 1.4 (Python based Web framework)
  • python-dateutil >= 1.5 (Extensions to the standard datetime module)
  • django-admin-tools (Collection of tools for Django administration)
  • django-cache-utils (To provide utilities for making cache-related work easier)
  • django-jsonfield >= 0.6 (Reusable Django field that can use inside models)
  • django-nvd3 >= 0.5.0 (Django wrapper for nvd3 - It’s time for beautiful charts)
  • python-memcached >= 1.47 (Python based API for communicating with the memcached

distributed memory object cache daemon)

Use PIP to install the dependencies listed in the requirments file,:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt


  • Configure django-admin-tools, refer to the documentation of

  • Add admin_tools_stats & django_nvd3 into INSTALLED_APPS in

  • Add the following code to your file

    from admin_tools_stats.modules import DashboardCharts, get_active_graph
    # append an app list module for "Country_prefix"
        _('Dashboard Stats Settings'),
        models=('admin_tools_stats.*', ),
    # Copy following code into your custom dashboard
    # append following code after recent actions module or
    # a link list module for "quick links"
    graph_list = get_active_graph()
    for i in graph_list:
        kwargs = {}
        kwargs['graph_key'] = i.graph_key
        kwargs['require_chart_jscss'] = False
        if context['request'].POST.get('select_box_' + i.graph_key):
            kwargs['select_box_' + i.graph_key] = context['request'].POST['select_box_' + i.graph_key]
  • To create the tables needed by Django-admin-tools-stats, run the following command:

    $ python syncdb
  • Open admin panel, configure Dashboard Stats Criteria & Dashboard Stats respectively