Date:Oct 22, 2017
Keywords:django, python, plot, graph, nvd3, d3, dashboard
Author:Arezqui Belaid

Django-admin-tools-stats is a Django admin module that allows you to easily create charts on your dashboard based on specific models and criterias.

It will query your models and provide reporting and statistics graphs, simple to read and display on your Dashboard.

Django-admin-tools-stats is an open source project written in Python and using the Django Framework.


Django-admin-tools-stats is a Django application which powers dashboard modules with customer statistics and charts.

The goal of this project is to quickly interrogate your model data to provide reports and statistics graphs which are simple to read and can be used on a Dashboard.



Install, upgrade and uninstall with these commands:

$ sudo pip install django-admin-tools-stats
$ sudo pip install --upgrade django-admin-tools-stats
$ sudo pip uninstall django-admin-tools-stats

Or if you don’t have pip:

$ sudo easy_install django-admin-tools-stats


These tools have been created to improve the django-admin-tools :

With Django-admin-tools you will be able to create and include charts on your dashboard and monitor your data, for instance you can easily monitor new users signing up each day, or new campaigns created per week.

Django-admin-tools also allow you to display a button ‘Select’ that will behave as a filter on the model data.


Development of django-admin-tools-stats takes place on Github:

Bug tracker:

Source download

The source code is currently available on github. Fork away!

Available also on PyPi :


Find the project documentation :


Django-admin-tools-stats was inspired by django-admin-user-stats :


Copyright (c) 2011-2014 Arezqui Belaid <>

Django-nvd3 is licensed under MIT, see MIT-LICENSE.txt.